Kaimanawa Heritage Horses, who have called the Kaimanawa Ranges home for over 150 years, have a rich history of connecting everyday kiwi’s with a taste of true friendship and free spirit.

Descendant from horses that served the NZ Army both here and overseas, the kaimanawa horses remain one of the few wild horse herds in the world where there is very little interference or management by man. They are steadfast, courageous and instinctive with a natural curiosity that see them thrive equally as well in domestic life as they do in the harsh conditions they at times experience in the ranges.

Their connection to the Waiouru and Ohakune People, the NZ Army and the growing public of New Zealand, along with their rich history of embracing people makes them iconic and worthy of recognition.

With the support of the local community, the NZ Army, National Army Museum, Ruapahu Council, the local MP, the Waiouru School and a growing list of local businesses, we would like to celebrate the kaimanawa horses and their incredible endurance, by raising money to construct a life sized bronze statue that will be erected on the state highway between the Army Museum and Z Waiouru.

We aim to honour the heritage value of the Kaimanawa Horses and help secure the future of these amazing horses and the place they call home.

Join us in creating an iconic statue to honour our Kaimanawa Horses and their place in the history of our country.

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