We are a group of people that have come together because of our passion for Kaimanawa Heritage Horses and our desire to see their history captured in a way that ensures their story is told to the generations to follow. We aim to honour their history and secure their future.

The statue will be positioned on State Highway One in Waiouru and will be sighted on the reserve between the National Army Museum and Z Waiouru.

We have set a target of $150,000 for the creation of the full sized bronze statue and it’s surrounding area. Signage will be included that will share information about the horses, their history and their connection to the area.

Absolutely not. We are a separate group of people raising money for the specific purpose of building a statue in order to help promote the Kaimanawa Heritage HORSES. We do have the support of the Kaimanawa Heritage Horses Welfare Society and we do believe they will benefit in the years to come by the increased exposure created by the statue.

No money raised to support the welfare work will be used on the statue.

Absolutely!! We welcome contact from any business, group or individual that would like to help make this iconic statue a reality.